Episode 7

Published on:

19th May 2020

Modifying our Lives in the GCQ (General Community Quarantine)

Anton, Rache, and Spanky talk about the Power of Positivity during these days, and why it's so important for Mental Health-- which boosts our Physical Strength. Spread Hope and Faith instead of Sharing Fake News and Rumors!!!

"Yes, The Filipino Can". We discuss the intrinsic resiliency of our nation, and how this will help us all bounce back starting now.

And we list down our Desert Island TV Series: the ones we love to watch over and over again, our all-time favorite shows!

Episode Outline

00:30 : Life in the Time of Corona

-How will we resume our daily routines (safely!) in the MECQ?

08:00 : Promoting Positivity!!!

-Responsible Social Media for everyone's Mental Health: Be Optimistic and Not Toxic!

19:00 : Awesome Innovations of the Restaurant and Tourism industries as they Bounce Back

29:00 : The Intrinsic Resiliency of Filipinos that makes us overcome all adversities

-Praying for the day (soon!) when we can go back to Church again

40:00: Desert Island TV Series

-What are the 5 shows we will watch on an island if we get stranded, just like how we're stranded at home too!

1:01:00 “Eight Weeks Later”

-Our Good Vibes Editorial

p.s. here's the Bourdain episode we mentioned


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